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Website Heatmap

Website Heatmap


Visitors are the vital elements of a business. Gaining visitors to a website can be easy. But gaining the right visitors to your website is what makes your business one step ahead of your competitors. Visitors can be gained once the website is filled with products of customer interest.

In order to track the visitors, their interests on specific products, their responding time, and interaction with various elements of the website from different geographical points. Fortius technologies come up with a Visual analytics tracking tool, website HeatMap to understand the users browsing behavior. With this Visual analytics tool, we are able to understand your target audiences, what are their likes and dislikes, track and collect data that are mostly clicked by the users and those areas where users don’t pay much attention to and also the area from which the users click your website. By carefully monitoring your traffic, we understand and remove the hidden obstacles that permit users to visit your website.

Analytics provide data with regard to user interactions. It doesn’t tell why user interactions are taking place. But with Website Heatmap tool, each and every user activities are recorded and displayed for further use. Once Heatmap is implemented on the website, a colored layer is recorded on the top. As each of the locations is targeted with more customers, the area is colored in Red. And those with lower intensity turn green.

Redefine your website with smarter Heatmap integration by Fortius Technologies


We help you integrate the best Heat map solutions for your websites. With our experienced web analytics experts, we understand the specific user requirements. We use better Heat mapping tools like Crazy Egg and Click tale to filter the user data. Here are some of the Heatmap solutions we offer on the basis of visitor flow and mouse movements.

Click Heat Map

This helps in analyzing the entire clicking behavior of visitors. Our experts tackle the region with maximum and minimum clicks, even if it an image click, link click or button click. We also help you understand the by what means the visitors are engaged in your website.

Scroll Heat Map

This is used to know the overall scrolling behavior of users in your web pages. By this means, users are able to locate what products, images or ads they are searching for on each page.

Insight Heat Map

Insight report from Fortius Technologies you the overall performance of the website. Who is visiting your website, who are your target audiences, Where and how to advertise to market your products and also in segregating clients on the basis of browser interest, type, clicking time etc.

Start implementing your website Heat map for better Click through Rate with the leading Digital marketing company, Fortius Technologies Dubai.



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