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In any business, tracking statistics is one of the main reason for a business to succeed. Every website has to be monitored to know the frequency of incoming and outgoing visitors and their conversion rates. As in Online marketing platform, tracking a website is much crucial to know about the key performances. This is because the overall success of your business depends on various marketing strategies and different traffic sources.

To know what is going on on your website, a well-maintained website data tracking system is recommended. At Fortius Technologies Dubai, we have a team of experts to configure Web analytics services for collecting the accurate data and tracking your entire website functionalities, to know what is happening on your website.

Without a good website analytics services, your website is incomplete. Monitoring and auditing your website data is a much-complicated process. Our team of digital marketing experts understands the business objectives and data requirements. We then implement the better website audit services like analytics tracking tool to track your data. Our professional marketing experts provide various website audits to identify which is suitable for your specific marketing needs.

As a leading name in providing web analytics services in Dubai, we have a good website audit solutions to drive quantitative and qualitative data from your websites.

Our Web Analytics Tracking Solutions include:


This is the simplest and the most reliable website analytic tool. This tool gives a detailed statistics of visitors coming to your website.

It offers better control options and a simpler approach to multi-site analytics, raw and real-time data collection, and visitor behavior and demographics reports.

This tool allows you to build heat maps and track your every click of your visitors to know for what they are searching for on your website

This tool enables to check your competitors and their behaviors.

With this tool, each page contents are checked throughout to see which pages content has gained the most click.

This is the easiest way to measure and improve website through various A/B testing.

One of the best website analytics tool that can be easily implemented. Also, build a customer interaction by providing a customer feedback form for website visitors.

This is a quantitative measurement tool for the website. With this tool, one can record the entire action of a visitor arriving the website from the start to the last. With this tool customer behavior as well as user reports are recorded.

It is very important to track your website traffic for maintaining better data collection.
So if you are in search of a better tool to track your website insights, Get in touch with us.



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