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For a business to grow it is very important to ensure sales and increase your profits. Promoting your business can be done through various platforms. Have you ever thought of a medium through which you can promote your business extraordinary? SMS is the best way to convey your messages for marketing purposes.  With this SMS marketing campaigns, you can convey your business offers, deals and products to the users worldwide. Sms marketing services are well used by small companies as well as multinationals. This is a powerful way to reach your targeted audiences.

At Fortius Technologies, we provide SMS marketing in Dubai to reach audiences beyond the internet platforms. This is a real time communication platform to interact with customers directly and to promote your products. Are you looking for instant business? Try our SMS marketing. Our experts gather information about the probable customers and sent them SMS about your business. We also have various databases of clients to market your products.  This mobile marketing services makes us unique in UAE market.

UAE is considered as one among the top countries in terms of smartphone users. Majority of people in UAE are mobile users. So advertising your products through mobile is a better option in UAE to reach audiences. SMS advertising in Dubai by Fortius Technologies is a powerful media to optimize your business to various level customers. We have large SMS database of clients of various regions and countries. We help you filter by age, city, country, our interest and various other categories. Through our fast and secure messaging services, we ensure that your messages get delivered to the right people at the right time. We provide SMS marketing in Dubai for companies to boost your products and services. Our clients include event organizers, hotels, travel agencies, real estate, direct marketing companies and more.


  • Our experts provide you clear and crisp offers on your mobiles
  • Our experts provide you clear and crisp offers on your mobiles.
  • We make sure to provide you with short and simple business offers optimized with keywords that convey the message about your products, telling them about your business.
  • We have a well-developed marketing expert to find the alike customers suitable for your business. We then build a customer database after sorting out the customers that ensure you sent SMS to targeted audiences.
  • Our Digital marketing experts dive deeply to know more about the audience in our database before sending messages. We help you target genuine audiences to market your products on the basis of age, gender and their past purchase of product lists to make sure that right customers are targeted.
  • We create campaigns in mobiles to create leads
  • We make sure to maintain a frequency of messages to the customers. This makes sure not to irritate clients with continuous messages.
  • Once we deliver the message, we keep a track of customers responding to your SMS. This helps in maintaining a track of response time and moreover helps in sending SMS by scheduling time.

Text messages are a more effective tool than E-mail marketing because many emails are seen deleted even before they are read. With this keeping in mind, as a leading SMS sending service in UAE, we have the required resources to execute a cost-effective campaign on your requirements.

Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements and we will assist you in your choice.



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