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PPC Management


Get ready for a boom in the business that results in more traffic, more sales and maximum lead with Fortius Technologies, A premier PPC management company in Dubai specialized in Pay per Click services and facilities. PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a clear-cut advertising tool for our clients to advertise their products and services online. This is a facility provided by web search engines to facilitate search results visibility. It is an effective brand promotion technique that makes use of the internet to reach customers online through paid search advertising.

Why you need PPC Advertising


If you have a new website, it consumes time to get featured in organic searches. Here we make use of PPC services. PPC management in Dubai is the ideal online advertising tool for customers to feature their websites on first pages of Google.  It is the fastest way of buying visits to your site rather than earning organically. The fact about PPC services is that you need to pay only when a customer interacts with your advertisement and clicks on it.

PPC Management in Dubai


We have a team of professionals to extract the most accurate keywords and target appropriate internet users to ensure complete success in PPC Campaigns.
Here are some of the additional factors why we are selected as the best PPC management in Dubai

  • Result oriented works provided.Result oriented works provided.
  • We provide Right information to the clients.
  • Transparent approach to work.
  • We provide both display and Search PPC services.

Why Chose us as the Best PPC Company in Dubai


Pay per click advertising can generate traffic right away. We can spend enough and get placed at the top of search engines. Once you are placed at the top, potential customer will see your website. If others are searching for key phrases similar to your ads, you add will be clicked the moment when it is activated. Being the leading PPC Management Company in Dubai, Fortius Technology develops a successful PPC Ad campaign both for Google as well as Facebook. As a renowned PPC management in Dubai, we help the customer to create a brand exposure of the products at the same time creates more traffic for their websites by proper market research techniques.

Stay One Step Ahead with Ad-word Phases implemented at Fortius Technologies


Adwords account is created on priority basis. Our Technical experts understands your kind of business and do Competitor analysis for the website.

We analyses geographically targeted keywords. Once Analysis is completed, highly relevant keywords that matches with your business are sorted out.

Our experts creates right campaign for keywords selected. We can have more than one campaign based on the keywords selected.

We create a separate and distinguished Ad unit to attract more customers to the website

Here we can add additional piece of information about the website for better relevancy like Site links, Call Extension, Local Extension and Price)

We create a user friendly landing pages to the website ads. This is tied up with relevant contents about the ad, special call button, contact button etc.

This is the most crucial stage in PPC management. Our PPC experts keep a track on performances and manages your bid to give you maximum clicks on a specified amount.

Our Technical experts continuously monitor and recheck the ads maintain relevancy.

Monthly report will be generated for the clients. This includes Keyword performance, clicks generated for a particular keyword and the amount spent for the ads.