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Magento Development Company

Accelerate Your Online Sales with a Magento Website


E-commerce business is advantageous for its outstanding global reach. Any business owner can use the potential of the internet to boost their business by selling online. To become successful with an Ecommerce business, a solid online store is needed. It is crucial to choose the right platforms for your Ecommerce website. We at Fortius Technologies LLC are well aware of the business needs of our client and latest technologies to resolve their problems. With our years of experience in developing ecommerce websites, we always suggest Magento for our premium customers. Magento is a free e-commerce platform which uses open source technologies with customized CMS solutions. As a Magento Development Company in Dubai, we love the scalability of Magento over any other ecommerce platforms available nowadays. It also comes with built-in marketing tools for SEO purpose and it can be extended with a wide range of Magento extensions available on market.

There has been a tremendous adoption of Magento eCommerce platform in Dubai. Majority of shoppers are using the flexibility of shopping from home to its fullest. In this age of online shopping, it is crucial to get into this market before its too late. With our Magento Development services in Dubai, You can have an awe-inspiring website to showcase your products. If you have a good clientele for your products while selling offline, you can definitely expect more customers than that available online. It is your decision to take whether stick around traditional style of marketing and business or to adapt your business strategies to keep up with millennials.

Why Choose us?


It is hard to choose the right partner to build your Magento website. There are many Magento development companies are available in Dubai to build a Magento website for you. So what differentiate us from them?

While developing an eCommerce business, you should keep in mind that you are developing a business, not a website. This is the difference. We understand your end goal. You need to satisfy your customers, make the website user-friendly and fast enough to load on different internet connections. You should take care of your end-user to become successful with your website. With our experienced UI Designers, who are specialized in designing and developing interactive eCommerce websites for more than a decade, you can get an awesome, functional Magento website.

Our developers are having the passion to implement unique elements to each website they build. They always thrive to keep up with the emerging technologies. Apart from normal block based templates, we can create stunning web store to build your online business.

We are not only developing the websites, Our SEO team is always there to support the developers to make the website Google Friendly. Yes, you read it right. The websites we build will get indexed by google rapidly. This is because of our technology stack and reliable servers.  So as we already mentioned, we are the best option you have if you are looking for Magento Development Dubai.

Our Magento Development Services

  • Custom Magento Design (including responsive design)
  • Custom Magento Extension development
  • Custom Magento theme development
  • Migrating your existing eCommerce website to Magento
  • Magento performance tuning
  • Migration services (Magento 1 to Magento 2)
  • Magento SEO (Part of our Ecommerce SEO Service)
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Magento server management
  • Magento maintenance and support services

Mobile users are growing exponentially and to meet user demand, Our Magento development service offers mobile-friendly responsive ecommerce website designs to meet your needs. If you would like to launch your Ecommerce website along with your Ecommerce Mobile Application, We can help you with that too.

Contact us for any assistance with your dream of building an Ecommerce business. Our consultants are always here to help you.



Feel free to discuss about your brand requirements and marketing plans, our representatives are available 24/7 to answer your queries.