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Empower Your Business With Targeted Facebook Marketing In Dubai – Fortius Technologies

Facebook is the most popular social media platforms in the world today, with more than a billion users worldwide. Hence there is no doubt in saying that this is one of the most suitable means of social media marketing making people aware of your business online. Targeting a specific audience with the apt resource is what that matters in facebook marketing.

At Fortius Technologies, we develop a Facebook marketing strategy in Dubai to target the demographics. We have a team of dedicated professionals to analyze your demographic status based on age, gender, location, and interest. We then fine-tune your Facebook advertisements to reach the right people. We provide tailor-made facebook campaigns in Dubai to promote the customer brands. As a part of this, we redesign a facebook business page to occupy a strong presence on social media. We will optimize the Facebook ads in such a way that they reach for the right people at the right time to gain maximum user engagement and a higher click-through rate applicable on both mobile and laptops. With our team of dedicated professionals, we provide an affordable budget to run the campaign thereby monitoring the facebook ads. This gradually converts your Facebook ads into business conversions.

We do Facebook Advertisement in Dubai that actually converts

The important factor underlying Facebook marketing is the engagement generated through the content. Here are the marketing strategy put forth by our Digital marketing experts for Facebook advertisements to reach the right ones.

Build a Facebook Page

We create a unique cover photo wit logo as your profile picture. Posts are then created to maintain to communicate with audiences.

Connect your fans with Ads

We create multiple ads to build audience for the page. Also we target the people according to their age, gender and locality to make visible the add

Engaging your fans with contents

Our team of experts add new posts on the page to maintain a consistency. We also make ure to interact with the clients by asking questions, sharing news and continuously responding to their queries.

Influencing People of your fans

We create special events that goes with the website to maintain a continuous activity on the pages. Once the people interact with the contents on the page, their friends are notified by the likes and comments specified. Thus the website is promoted to much users.

Targeting Facebook Ad audiences

Here are some of the marketing tips followed by Fortius Technologies Dubai, to target the right audiences.

Targeting by Location

Based on the profile created, Facebook allows location targeting with data and IP address specified.

Targeting by Interests and Likes

According to specific keywords opted for the campaign, Facebook allows members to go deep and select their topic of interests that match with the keywords specified.

Targeting by connections

Our experts can help you connect people to your facebook page. Also, the add is shown to persons who are not connected to your network. You can also target your ads to your friends of people who are connected to the page.

Whether you are in UAE or abroad, Get in touch with us to bring your Facebook marketing campaign to greater heights. We are happy to create a social media strategy that boosts your brand exposure and ROI.