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Effective and Targeted E-mail marketing Solutions at Fortius Technologies


E-mail Marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. It is a very cost-effective way to market your products. This solves all the problems caused by a non-targeted marketing. In our earlier days, we use to place an advert on TV or on a dining table to capture the attention of people, with no surety who will see it. With the arising of new technology, E-mail marketing has gained a proven name in this digital era. With this digital marketing strategy, the e-mails sent are targeted properly to reach their potentials as for E-mail marketing there are no boundaries at all. This is a platform to promote what’s new on your website, newsletters, survey’s and build brand awareness of your company.

Fortius Technology, the better solution for Email marketing Dubai help people reach their limit without any barriers. Our team of highly skilled professionals is ready to serve with perfect tools in reaching their desired audiences. We target people by segmenting the contact list based on their demographics, location, age or by any other data thereby reaching your desired audiences.

Business across the globe is made simpler with us by our strategy of E-mail marketing Dubai. This is a reliable advertising channel for promoting your business deals to the targeted customers at the right time.

Best E-mail Marketing Services in UAE


Fortius Technology, with its user-friendliness,  efficiency and fast solutions for Email marketing Dubai provide cutting-edge SMS strategies to make your business spread across worldwide. Our expert team makes sure to get you the best of services thereby prioritizing your company anywhere in UAE. We analyze and test every marketing solutions with our marketing services and guarantee you to have the best result at the most reasonable cost. Here are some of the digital marketing strategies put forth by our company and this makes Fortius Technologies the best solution for E-mail marketing  Dubai.


Responsive E-mails

We create HTML emails that go well on desktops, mobile and tablets. We have a well-developed designer team to manage such designs


Better Deliverability

We take much care not to deliver any spam emails to subscribers. This is the main cause of delivering the right emails to the subscribers


E-mail campaigns

Our experts help you with your desired ideas to create a particular SMS  marketing campaign. This is inclusive of the type of business we offer, its benefits and results and how it can deliver you the audiences at the tight time.


Segmented emails

We have a wide database of segmented emails. Being a leader in email marketing Dubai, our experts with their constant effort analyze the type of audiences to sent this mail that makes you the most out of your campaigns.


Report generation

This type of marketing has a unique feature of tracking report of e-mail campaigns. Our digital marketing team diagnosis the number of e-mails sent. This makes them understand the how many e-mails are being viewed and clicked by the subscriber, how many bounced, how many users responded, also if the messages were clicked or left unopened and much more.

Use our powerful tool, E-mail marketing Dubai to reach client who want to reach out globally. We turn your emails into sales by delivering the right message at the right time to your customers.