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E-commerce Analytics solution

E-commerce Analytics solution


The E-commerce market is dynamic in nature. The platform is affected by the change in technology, services, and marketing tactics. These new tactics may be challenging to online platforms. Hence to survive, it is very necessary to have a clear-cut understanding of the data in hand as well as market data.

There may be chances where users spend too much on marketing activities without even tracking how much they spent and their return on investments (ROI). This may cause wastage of money and time. Identifying the right customers, reviewing your products in each and every step is very important for an e-commerce business to grow. This can be done with the help of certain e-commerce analytics solutions. For an e-commerce website, online tracking of events should be made in order to know each of your customers, their requirements, how they find your store, which pages do they visit and what makes them to purchases an item. For all these certain analytics tools are required.

Fortius Technology Digital marketing agency Dubai, provide better insights for your E-commerce websites. Our E-commerce analytics solution in Dubai helps you provide a better insight for E-commerce websites. To track the entire customer interaction in real time it is very beneficial to implement certain tools in E-commerce websites.
Our experts at Fortius Technologies use right e-commerce analytics tools to provide an overall attention to your websites. We offer certain tools to optimize your E-commerce websites like Google Analytics, Piwik, Kiss metrics, Crazy Egg, Visual Website Optimizer etc.

Our E-commerce Analytic tools help to know:


Product Performance: How customers interact with the products. Whether the products are being liked by the customers, what made them stick on to the products, what are the causes that customers are not visiting your product pages, and how much quantity of product you want?

Sales Performance: With the help of analytics tool, one can measure through what means revenue is being generated. Also, it gives an information regarding latest trends in sales to generate revenue.

Transactions: E-commerce analytics tools are very useful in recording the transactions done at a given time. Also give us an idea of for which products on a particular web page, the transaction is been made and is correctly done by the user.

Our Digital marketing experts provide the detailed metrics on activities to improve E-commerce website traffic. If you wish to provide an error-free E-commerce analytic solution for your website, your search will be completed with Fortius Technologies.



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